In talking to many people with ADD I have come to realize that there are pretty much 2 schools of thought then it comes to way people with ADD do things. Some people have the "My Way or the Highway" approach. Then others try to do things the same way as everybody else because they believe they should.

Both of the approaches can cause problems for people with ADD and those around them. Like so many other things in their lives people with ADD need to find the the right type of balance for the way they go about things.

There are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you to understand if the way you are choosing to do something is okay:

How is the way I am going about things affecting my productivity?

How is the way I am going about things impacting other areas of my life?

How is the way I am going about thing impacting those around me?

If the answers to these questions are positive then the way you are doing things is probably okay. If the answers are negative then it’s probably time to figure out what can be changed about your approach so that it benefits you and those around you. This is the type of thing that an ADD Coach can support you with.

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