In many of the online ADD Communities I often see people asking about scholarships for people with ADD. I thought it was great when Eli Lily announced that they were going to be giving away thousands of dollars to adults with ADD to finish high school or college. Then I read the requirements!

First of all they are requiring that people attend school full time. Since they are giving these scholarships to adults with ADD over the age of 25 this doesn’t make much sense to me. Even with a $5000 scholarship not many people over the age 25 can afford to quit their jobs and attend school full time.

It amazes me that a company like Ely Lily who is supposed to be helping Adults with ADD is actually discriminating against them with this type of scholarship. The average person would have trouble managing work, family, and full time school. We aren’t talking about average people! This scholarship is for Adults with ADD!

Many Adults with ADD don’t do well in traditional full time college programs. However many adults with ADD do very well when they attend school part time. Why doesn’t Eli Lily want to help these people? I can’t believe that aren’t offering some scholarships for part time students too!

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    • johnnyboy

      Also looks like it’s for one term only, and you sign waivers saying they can use you in all the commercials they want. For UCLA, that makes this a ~$1500 scholarship if you’re not living on campus. (And how many 25+ year old Adult ADD students are living in dorms?!)

      So basically, for ~$1500, they get perpetual royalty-free rights to use you in all their Strattera commercials “worldwide”? No thanks.

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