I just stumbled upon a post called Thinking vs THINKING. The author posed a question about what type of thinking you actually do. "Thinking" is just thinking about basic stuff while THINKING is pretty much thinking about life changing thoughts. Well I know I am a THINKER and so are my clients.

So many people with ADD are real THINKERS. The problem is shutting off those thoughts or at least slowing them down and using them to take action. This is something that many ADD Coaches help their clients with too.

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    • art RIVERO

      Having just discovered this site, I’m dumbfounded why so many postings are without response.

      Personally, I find myself over-run with multi-task ‘thinking’ and thought that most of “us” were much as I am. Apparently this may not be the case or perhaps others just need a little coaxing.

      As far as thinking goes [at work], I’m regarded the ‘deph’ [old] jeweler (at 48) within the crew for my ongoing requests to repeat what is generally addressed to me throughout the day over and over again.

      However, there is a reason for this.

      Although I love all kinds of music as a means of inspiration, I also enjoy ‘Talk Radio’ as an informative tool to get me through the day.

      With as much said, what most people cannot understand is that beside the ‘little man’ speaking to me through my earphone amidst all of the general shop chatter, is that there is also my own personal ‘inner voice’ speaking to me that demands my full attention. As such I am always caught “unaware” at a moments notice of ‘first calls’ and like a deph man need of repeated attempts to complete basic communication.

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