How often do you actually read an agreement or the terms of service before purchasing or using something? Just the other day I was upgrading some software and it had something I had to agree to before I installed it and used it. I admit that I didn’t read it at all but just clicked the box that I agreed and installed it.

I just got to thinking about what it was that I actually agreed to. Did I promise this software company my first born child? Did I agree to allow them to use my car? Realistically I’m sure this isn’t the case but in true ADD Fashion I didn’t bother reading it!

What does it take for somebody to actually read the TOS agreement?

I thought that maybe money might make difference. But how much money? I can tell you right now it’s not $9.95 per month. I can’t get over the number of people who subscribe to the ADD Audio Library with out reading the short and simple agreement. I probably wouldn’t pay that much attention to only $9.95 a month either even though I know I should.

I wonder what will get me and other ADD people to start actually reading what we are agreeing to…

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    • Terry

      Oh, that is so true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten auto pay bills showing up on my credit card becasue I didn’t pay enough attention to what boxes I had checked.

      Even if I read those agreements, who can understand them? You have to hire a lawyer just to subscribe to a magazine!


    • D.H.

      I am a lawyer and I don’t understand them. Seriously, many of those documents contain clauses the lawyers had put in there out of what we call an abundance of caution. Others have clauses that have been determined as invalid by courts, so even I tend to not pay attention to them as much as I should, even ignoring any ADD propensity to read carelessly. None of the three are good reasons not to read them thoroughly!

    • Karen DeBolt

      There is a very funny webcomic that speaks to this very topic. Here is the URL:

      This website is my guilty pleasure I admit. 🙂 Anyway, there are many lawyer jokes in this particular storyline as well so hopefully no one will be too offended!

      Enjoy, Karen

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