Today is the day when a lot of people set out to do their holiday shopping. Many stores open their doors at 5:00 am and offer some great deals. I can happily say that at 5:00 am this morning I was not one of these people. I was home in my bed sound asleep.

I can’t say the same for last year though. Last year I came home after Thanksgiving Dinner and fell asleep about 8:00 pm and woke up a 4:00 am. I didn’t plan this but it just happened. At around 4:00 am I also had the TV on and saw a couple of commercials for the 5:00 am specials. Since I couldn’t fall back asleep I thought that it would be interesting to see what stores were like at 5:00 am the day after Thanksgiving.

Of course I didn’t choose just any store either. I chose Wal-Mart. I got there about 5:15 am and was surprised to see how full the parking lot was. The store was pack too and I had just missed a bit of a riot. The electronics department ran out of laptops that were advertised for under $400. From what people were saying the police had to be called because people where punching each other.

I actually got some great deals on a few gifts. I thought since I was already in the store I might as well buy a few gifts.  I had never seen anything like this and I don’t think I ever will. I had my crazy ADD moment last year. Luckily for me curiosity didn’t kill the cat but it I saw first hand why it’s a good idea to stay out of the stores on Black Friday!

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