I got out and voted today. I knew where I needed to go to vote and thought that I was all set. After standing in line for a few minutes I gave them my address. They had trouble locating my name on the list because I was in the on the inactive voters list. I had to go over to a special table with other inactive voters. I admit I’m not the most politically active person but I did vote 2 years ago.

I felt like I was in was back in school and in trouble for not getting my library books back in time or getting to school late. I had to fill out a special form to be "active" again. They guy sitting next to me either had really bad BO or just ate onions. I couldn’t tell which but it was making me ill. I  was told that the reason I was inactive may have been because I hadn’t returned my census that was sent to me last spring. I was asked if I returned it. I just told the lady I didn’t even remember getting one and she laughed.

I was finally ready to go and vote. I took the first booth or what was supposed to be a booth. Nobody else was there and there were no signs saying it was for handicap people so I sat down. As I was trying to fill out my form I could hear a couple people waiting in line and what sounded like an elderly woman said in a nasty voice that she was waiting to sit down!

There was one question on the ballot that I was unsure about and left it till the end. I walked out of the voting place and couldn’t remember who I actually ended up voting for on that question! So my voting experience was NOT ADD Friendly!

Did you vote today?

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