In some of my other posts I have talked about the holiday season being quite challenging for me in the past. This past weekend while visiting my grandmother I was reminded of how challenging holiday shopping was for me.

A couple of years ago I purchased a really cool picture frame for my grandmother. It’s has a place for 2 photos and on each side has a button that when you press it plays a recorded voice message. Oh it would have been a really cool gift if I had actually put photos in it and recorded voice messages. But, I didn’t do that I just wrapped the picture frame up and gave it to my grandmother.

When purchasing this gift I really hadn’t thought things through. This gift involved more than just wrapping it or putting it in a nice gift bag. This year when I am doing my holiday shopping I am going to make sure that I either purchase gifts that don’t require any extra work or make sure I plan ahead for those extra steps.

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