I had another ADD Moment today. I left the lights on in my car and needed to call AAA to come out and jump start the battery. If leaving the lights on wasn’t bad enough I looked out the window right after I got out of my car this morning and asked myself if I left the lights on. It was really sunny out so it was hard to tell. Of course I moved on to something else and forget about it until it was time to go home!

I’m not quite sure why I had my lights on in the first place either. When I left my house at 8:30 am and it was sunny…

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    • NJTrout

      I’ve done that so many times. Best was when I did it the first day of a new job.

      And did you notice the “Left your headlights on” alarm you car sounded when you removed your keys from the ignition? I’ve missed that warning too.

      Definitely an ADD moment.


    • Tara McGillicuddy

      Actually my “Your Lights are still on” ding isn’t working. I just noticed that today.

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