I was checking the stats for this blog and saw that somebody found my blog by searching in msn for "help i’m an adult with adhd and going nuts". I’m hoping that this person subscribed to my blog on the left hand side. If you did I want to let you and anybody esle who feels that way know that you are not alone! Many of us with ADD / ADHD have had that feeling!

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    • Julie

      After a lifetime of ‘labels’
      I was diagnosed in February as
      an adult who has hid her ADHD
      for more years than I’d like to say.
      Your post brought tears to my
      If I can help?

    • steve r lansing

      Hi Julie
      My wife left me four months ago today, we thought it was alcoholism untreated. (long story) Now after being dx ADD all the answers became so clear, low self esteem, (spelling!) anger, so much. She left for the wrong reasons I guess I am saying, tried to explain this to little avail, she just can’t believe what this is. now on medication life is much better, anger gone, still depressed a bit but working on that. I feel she loves me, but hates the alcoholism or what we thought was alcoholism, now clearly ADD, just at my wits end , 22 years three kids later, now to have this happen. I was dx after she left. I went to counselor with the intent of either dying or finding the answer, well I found out why I have always had the same problems. (you know them if you have ADD) My heart has been so sad that the depression is a step up from how I am feeling. Would you have any ideas on how I could change this, me telling her is not working very well, I keep dropping off info about add, I just know there is something left, but I don’t know what I can do or say. Any ideas thankyou Steve

    • Robert

      I belong to a support group in nYC. Our group meets twice a month, and we all help each other out.

      If you’d like more info, please check out our website(I’m the webmaster): http://www.maaddsg.org

    • Bob

      I just wanted to tell Steve that he’s not alone at all. I started to have a panic attack as I read the post. 10 years ago THAT WAS ME! The only thing that forced me to keep my mind and find out what was wrong was that she left our son with me and he had probs to get thru too.
      I had to find and fix. I still get depressed, but I can read myself now Beleive me though, it’s not like it all just disappears, I can just see the path now. GOOD LUCK and I wish you the best
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