People with Attention Deficit Disorder quite often over commit themselves. There are different reasons why those of us with Attention Deficit Disorder make too many commitments. Quite often we have trouble saying no and impulsively say yes to things with out really thinking them through. In addition to that we may not really pay attention to the number of commitments that we already have and what’s actually involved in them.

Setting aside some time to make a list of current commitments and then go through what each of them really means can be quite helpful. From there the next step is to prioritize those commitments. A couple of things to look at are how important each commitment is and what would happen if you let each commitment go. Prioritizing can often be a challenge for people with Attention Deficit Disorder and this is something that an ADD Coach can help support a client with.

Tara McGillicuddy

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    • Jennifer Boberg

      Over-comitted is my middle name! If I’m not going at 100 mph and have 30 things on my plate I’m not a happy person. Variety and change are what keep me going. However, I have run into the moments when I’m pushing the envelope even for me. I’m a classic case of run fast for short distances and then run out of steam and crash and burn. I have gotten a bit better at sayting no to a few things here and there, but not too many ;). Meeting deadlines is my greatest problem especially when over committed. I never allow enough time to do paper work, or homework. The big problem in saying no is the feeling that if I don’t say yes, no one else will do it or it won’t get done.
      I doesn’t help when others around me say things like, : You are the key person, or the lead, others follow what you do, so if your not running at top performance you impact everyone around you.” It puts a little bit of pressure to perform and to say yes to so many things.

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