I really hate the fact that I make a lot of typos. I usually use spell check, so in a lot instances it really saves me. Sometime when I’m writing really short emails I forget to use spell check and my emails make me look illiterate.

Today I sent out an email to the members of ADDClasses.com about our February Classes. I used the Google tool bar spell checker on the body but didn’t think to use it on the title. I ended up spelling February as Frebruary. Of course I didn’t realize this until the message was sent to over 2800 people!!

Oh Well…Just yet another one of my ADD Moments!

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    • D

      Not only that spell check missis some problmes with right (or left) hand dominate speedy typers. In My case from always turns out to be form because I am right handed and it is quicker. Spell check never catches that stuff.

    • D.H.

      See, it even missed misses because the “i” was on the same finger on the right hand as the e is on the left! I rest my case.

    • D.H.

      One final thought. Outlook checks the subject bar, but again does not identify real words we input because of speedy fingers on our dominant hand (same with forgetting to release the shfit key before going on becasue of the differet reaction times in the dominant hand/brain side).

    • Maria

      I too have difficulty with spelling and writing in short letters. I work in a school as a teacher! I teach special education. During my interview for the position I stated that spelling is a weakness and thanked God for spell check! I have been in the middle of meetings when I notice I have reversed letters or created sue not use. I need software that will recognize voice commands but even that is not perfect!

    • Phil

      In my frist (er, I mean “first”) year as an engineer, I was criticized several times for turning in sloppy work to my colleagues (and once, even to a client). As a result, I became extra sensitive to the issue and turned into one of the company’s more thorough planners and checkers, eventually becoming a trusted QA/QC reviewer. It wasn’t until several years later that I got my ADD diagnosis which, of course “explained a few things”. One thing about many diagnostic tests for adults — they fail to take into account that many ADD-rooted tendencies (e.g., making lots of typos and careless errors) may well have been subdued out of our behaviors by the time we get to the test — precisely because the traits were so bad early in our careers (blurting out in meetings, typos, showing up late) that we spent a lot of energy getting rid of them.

      As for managing typos in business writing/reports, here’s something nice from About.com that I’ve used in the past to increase the odds that I don’t ADD myself into missing something:


      TITLE: Even More Typos!
      URL: https://www.myaddblog.com/2007/02/even_more_typos.html
      BLOG NAME: My ADD / ADHD Blog
      DATE: 02/14/2007 04:37:55 PM
      As some of you know by my previous post Making Typos I have a tendency to make them a lot. Well I did it again today!! I sent out an issue of Support for ADD and in one instance spelled

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