I’m sure you have been hearing how important it is to eat breakfast. While eating breakfast is important to all people it’s even more important to those with Attention Deficit Disorder. Eating protein at breakfast time helps people with Attention Deficit Disorder focus better. 

I know that just getting out of the house in the morning is a hard enough itself but take a few extra minutes to eat some breakfast. If morning time is crazy then add breakfast preparation to you evening routine. Have something that you can grab and eat on your way out the door in the morning.

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    • Andrea

      Hi Tara,

      Just a note to say that I’ve found, as someone with many of the characteristics of ADD (not diagnosed at this point) and also hypoglycemia, that eating a bowl of steel cut oats with applesauce, almonds and dried cranberries, works really well.

      Finding a high-protein breakfast that doesn’t have a lot of fat can be a challenge, and the oats definitely do the trick.

      I prepare a bunch of it in crock pot once a week, which also saves time.

      Just my two cents,


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