I know that being late is a huge problem for many people with ADD and it can negatively impact those around us. For the most part I am able to get to things on time when I really have to. I also think that being early to things can also cause problems for other people… Especially, if those people are like me and leave everything to the last minute when getting ready for something.

This morning was one of those times when somebody caught me off guard by being early. The house that I live in is currently up for sale and we have been having a lot of showings on it in the past month. Yesterday I had message on my voice mail letting me know that there was a showing scheduled for Sat morning at 10:45 am. Though I would loved to have slept in all Saturday morning I planned to be out of the house by about 10:40.

At about 10:20 I had just taken my shower and was half way dressed. I decided to go into the bathroom and do my hair. At this same time while I only had my top on I heard a knock at the door! They were just knocking out of courtesy because they have a key to get in!

I was so caught of guard and didn’t know what to do!! I ended up turning the radio up loud so they wouldn’t come up stairs and see me only half dressed. Luckily for me there was a hamper in my bathroom and I found a pair of sweat pants to put on so I could go to my bedroom and finish getting dressed!!!

I rushed to get dressed, make my bed, and then walked down stairs. I apologized to the real estate person and the people with her. They said not to worry about it and they apologized for being early and told me that I didn’t need to bother leaving the house.

So to prevent this from happening next time I could:

  • Leave the house 30 minutes before the scheduled time(ya right!)
  • Bolt the door while I am still getting ready
  • Get fully dressed like normal person before doing my hair
  • Move to a new place NOW!!!

    2 replies to "Early People!!"

    • heraclitus

      You are truly a kind person and I hope that the people who came early buy the house.

      But I do think the real estate agent owns the lion’s share of responsibility. Come early on a Saturday without calling ahead and someone with mussed up hair is the very least that you might find yourself facing…

    • Meg

      Yes, early people can really mess things up for me too. Normally I don’t mind early people as long as they understand the circumstances, and don’t get ticked off that I’m not early too. I have to deal with a couple of folks who are very intolerant of people who aren’t in lock-step with them. They can be very judgmental and narrow minded, and they tend to believe that it’s everyone else who has the problem, not them.

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