As some of you know by my previous post Making Typos I have a tendency to make them a lot. Well I did it again today!! I sent out an issue of Support for ADD and in one instance spelled Strengths as Strenths.

I started to beat myself up about at first. But, then I began to think about all the strengths of the Support for ADD Newsletter. It is meant to help people who are affected by Attention Deficit Disorder by providing tips and resources to them. I need to focus on the positives about the Support for ADD Newsletter and not the typos!

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    • Toni

      First of all, Happy Valuntyne’s Day!
      Second of all, yeah, so you make typos. Focus on what you said about how much good you do for all of us DaVinci Disciples, who sometimes get lost in our vast, visionary worlds inside our heads!
      Now, back to our strengths:
      Well, I kind of already mentioned them, but here’s some specific strengths of mine that I can remember to remember when I’m beating myself up because I’m running late, yet again, or I forgot what I was doing, or whatever.
      I have vision! I see things that my partner can’t see. When we are talking about doing something, I can see a bigger picture in my head about what we will need, who else would enjoy that particular thing, what times of day or night would be better to do the thing and why, etc. My partner always looks at me, dumbfounded and wonders how I can think of so many details that make a party or event with friends always turn out so perfectly, and it’s because I THINK OF EVERYTHING!
      So, I might be messy, tardy, and slow, but I am the best damn planner!!
      Have a good evening, and thanks for making the blog available for those of us who are up in the wee hours of the night & love to go on the computer at that time. And I just LOVED the You Tube video of Cory Williams, The Truth of my Disorder! (and of course, I can easily see myself getting addicted to You Tube, oh my God!) Anyway, I sent Cory’s video to my nephew’s father, which is my brother-in-law, and I begged him to show it to my nephew. My brother-in-law is a bit impatient with my nephew, so my ulterior motive in that was that I wanted both of them to watch it!!
      So thanks for that, too, and faggett about
      da spelleeng, okaye?

    • Bruce

      I’m not sure whether having perfect spelling is critical in getting out a message for most readers (I suspect not), but why not use a spell checker? In addition to those that come in word processors, browser-based add-ons in IE and Firefox highlight misspellings as you type them. I find this to be particularly useful on one of my home computers that has a space key that often doesn’t “get it.” In this response alone, I had about 15-20 “typos” picked up by my Firefox spell checker.

      My message isn’t that typos are the end of the world. It’s that if you can minimize them EASILY, why risk not getting your message across to people who have trouble not being distracted by misspellings?


    • Tara McGillicuddy


      I do use spell check. What happened with this incident is that I used spell check for the 2 paragraphs I wrote then at the end added a question at the end. Because it was only a few words I didn’t even think to use spell check again. I also discussed this type of thing in my 1st post about typos.

    • Kevin

      I have an annoying strength of spotting typos, or misspellings. What I also notice is entire missed words or groups of words in writings online, not just in what I just read of your blog, but from people trying to sell expensive “life-changing” seminars. I guess I think back to what I learned in school, and from what I know people think when they read documents like resumes; some people tend to wonder how much care you will take in things if things are not proofread by the writer or someone with a better eye for writing detail.

      I know I don’t have amazing attention to detail in some things, obviously since I’m an ADD type. I still have to read things through and there could be lots of errors in this too.

      What I have discovered today after finding that this email had landed in my gmail junk and getting your info again, was that you actually have ADD, which I’m not sure I knew before. I have doubts about getting advice or counselling (I’m Canadian, we do use two l’s in that word by the way) from anyone who doesn’t really deal with something as specific as ADD as I do.

      My ex-girlfriend was diagnosed with ADD and had many spelling errors in her emails and I found it difficult to read. Like I said, I just find missed words in your excitement to get the words out.

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