Pepper I really don’t like Grocery shopping. The store I go to is huge and it’s always full of people who cut in front of me and come close to hitting me with their carts. Trying find a parking space is a real pain and then remembering where I parked my car is even worse for me. Up until the beginning of this year my husband did just about all of the grocery shopping for us so I very rarely went.

I have been eating healthy since the begging of January. Instead getting take out or eating something in my house that isn’t good for me I have been making healthy food choices. In order to do this I have realized that I actually have to go to the store and get food. So for the past 6 weeks I have been making small trips to the Grocery store close to once per week.

Saturday both I and my cat were running low on food. I made a list and the first thing on the list was Cat Food. Guess what I ended up forgetting at the store!!! I actually looked at the list 3 or 4 different times too. Yep, I forgot Pepper’s Cat Food! I don’t know how I missed it either since it was #1 on the list.

Guess who got a can of Tuna Saturday…Guess who didn’t venture back to the store to get the cat food that same evening!

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    • heraclitus

      My wife kids me because I approach grocery shopping like Eisenhower approached D-Day. I have computer generated lists (in large font and sorted by aisle), clipboard, highlighter and pen. Nonetheless I inevitably forget the one thing that was most important to pick up. Wierd.

      I wonder if there is something at work here more than simple forgetfulness?

    • jessicanaomi

      I sure can relate to that. I live alone and HAVE to shop for myself. I keep trying to get more ADDorganized — thanks to this site and some of the products sold here. So I made my list, and put in my pocket, and had one more thing to add to it, took it out of my pocket, put it on the table to add the last item, left to go shopping,got to the store, checked my pocket for the list – NO LIST. Yep I left it on the table. I tried in the store to remember what was on the list – but my brain went into ADDoverwhelm shut down. But actually I bought everything on the list – except coffee filters. I got home, read the list, saw what I forgot and said to myself — well I’m not out of the coffee filters yet.
      I still haven’t tossed the list in the trash yet — it’s still on the table.

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