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I was justing flipping through the March issue of ADDitude Magazine and came across an ad for Skoach. It’s a new online Time Management software program developed by Kathleen Nadeau, ADD expert and author of several ADD Books including ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life. It’s looks like a very interesting product and they are currently looking for Beta Testers for it.

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    • Alex Turetsky

      Thanks for your kind review, Tara. We hope to live up to your expectations and those of everyone looking for a ADD-friendly time Web 2.0 management software. We surely appreciate the free publicity 😉

      Alex Turetsky

    • heraclitus


      I have mixed feelings about this post. It does seem to me that an ADD friendly time/task manager would be great and that that these folks have a good shot at doing it.

      But I have two problems with the way they are doing things. First, I think they want a lot of very private information from their beta testers:
      and, secondly, they do not restrict in any way how this information might be disclosed.

      I hope they will consider either cutting back the information or very explicit statements about how it will or will not be used.

    • Tara McGillicuddy


      I didn’t even realize that they didn’t have a privacy policy on their site. You are right they are asking for very sensitive information on their questionare. I really hope that they do the right thing and add a privacy policy.

    • Alex Turetsky

      Dear Tara and Heraclitus,

      Your point is well taken. Given the personal nature of some of the questions that comprise our questionnaire, we’ve been remiss in not having our privacy policy clearly stated on the site. Our updated questionnaire page ( will go up by tomorrow morning.

      If you or anyone else have any other comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address mentioned at (I am reluctant to post the email address here in clear text due to concerns for automated spam, whereas on our website it is javascript-encoded).

      Alex Turetsky

    • Alex Turetsky

      As promised in my previous post, our privacy policy is now up at

      Thanks again to Heraclitus for bringing this important issue to our attention,

      Alex Turetsky

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