Far too many people with Attention Deficit Disorder automatically focus on what is wrong with them or what they need to improve. There could be 101 things that a person with Attention Deficit Disorder is good at but it’s that one thing the person is having trouble with that jumps out and stays in his or her mind. It can be really challenging for a lot of people with Attention Deficit Disorder to shift minds sets and look at the positives.

While we do all live in the real world and our challenges can make life harder for us, it’s our strengths that can really help us succeed. Our strengths help us compensate for our weaknesses and challenges. Our Strenths help us do more than just surive, they help us to thrive!

What are some or your strenths strengths?

(I think we all know typing isn’t one of mine…lol)

Tara McGillicuddy

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    • LynneB

      I have many computer strengths, but I find this blog very difficult to navigate!

    • Cathleen R.

      I have a couple of strengths that took me time to realize. I am an awesome tennis player (singles), which took time. I’m also excellent with children and helping them. After all it is my goal to become a teacher one day soon. Hopefully within the two years! When I am not too busy being shy, I have excellent communication skills. I bet there are a lot more, but I am trying to figure them out.

    • grace

      I’m very good at finding creative solutions to mishaps. My friends call me “mamaMacGuyver”. I think it comes down to those of us with ADD seeing every situation from a compleltely different perspective. If it’s broke, I can fix it.

      What I lack in day to day managment, I make up for in times of crisis.

    • Chiron

      I am a survivor. Lord knows, half of what I’ve been through would kill most people, and I’m not kidding.


    • art RIVERO

      I’ve been aware of my diagnossis with ADD for about 8 years now. My greatest strengths lie in my given abilities with regard to my profession. You see, I am a trade jeweler and although I am working within a trade shop featuring some 8 jewelers – I am curremtly blessed to be senior in rank, ability and age.
      Ironically, music once played a great roll in inspiring me when working on custom endeavors (something I thought I’d mention having browsed through other ‘articles’).

      Anyhow, I like people and expressing myself to them – in depth (when given that personal latitude).
      As of late, blogs have been that outlet for that very [compulsive] yearning.

      I hope that having found this blog, I can now ‘gather’ with others of like mindedness in order to glean what I never before was able to from the ‘normal’ masses abroad.

      Thanks –

    • Nicole

      I have known about having ADD for 4 years and I have only just now discovered so many internet support networks and articles for women with ADD. It gives me a real sense of hope and support.

      As for strengths…
      I am a survivor.I also have been through things others would not survive.

      I’m caring and I have the ability to look after and help others, although I am better at looking after other people than at looking after myself!

      Life is a stuggle, but when I do sit down and reflect on the things I have achieved, I surprise myself every time.

      I feel inspired today. Thank you!

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