I can’t believe that next weekend is going to be the beginning Daylight-Saving Time. We are supposed to set our clocks ahead one hour on March 11th. I have mixed feeling about Daylight-Saving Time beginning so early this year. I’m looking forward to it staying light out later but I’m not looking forward having to get up an hour earlier.

I’m not sure how my body will adjust to the time change. It’s funny because I’m usually ready for it in April but not sure if I will be in March. I wonder how this is going to affect everybody else with ADD and sleeping issues too.

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    • Linda Eisterhold

      I’m not happy about the early switch to daylight savings time because the best tool I have is my PDA, and I can’t find a “patch” to correct the time changing early this year. Also, is this going to be early next year, too? I need time to get ready for these things!

    • Virginia Tisdale

      I lovethe article in this section about adult ADD. I have often times felt the same way about myself, I am a very creative and sensitive person, I am not very organized unless it is important to be and I am intelligent. This article really shed light on ADD for me. I am also taking Ritlin and that has helped me a great deal especially in the school work I have to do. So thank you for the wonderful article, I understand myself so much better now in terms of my ADD.

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