Pretty Planning Pages About a year ago I decided to start using a paper planner and luckily found one that I really liked. It came with all the pages in it and both the binder and the pages were colorful. I was using it on a regular basis and it was helping me feel more in control and organized. After several months I ran out of planning pages!!!!!

I tried going to the same store to find the same refill pages but had no luck. I was so overwhelmed by the different choices and finally ended up getting plain old boring refill pages. After a couple of months I began to realize that I wasn’t using my planner like I used to. I just realized today it’s because the pages are dull and gray and I can’t stand looking at them.

I just found some Pretty Planning Pages and ordered them. It’s not only that they have brighter colors that will keep my attention. They also have a more ADD Friendly setup too. So I’m hoping that once I get the new pages I will get back in the habit of using my planner like I used to do.

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