Earlier this week I received an email from a long time friend telling me she had recently been diagnosed with stage 3 Cancer. After the initial feelings of shock and sadness I also felt a bit guilty. Though I thought about my friend quite often, I hadn’t been in contact with her for quite some time.

Many Adults with ADD have issues with time management and organization which can make keeping in touch with people challenging. Sometimes when we realize how long it’s been since we have spoken to a friend we feel guilty about it too. Sadly enough these feelings often get in the way of contacting people we care about.

Realistically those we care about are going to be happy to hear from us. They aren’t going to yell at us because it’s been a year since they last heard from us. Life is too short and we really shouldn’t let unrealistic fears get in the way of re-connecting with those we care about.

This past week hearing from my friend gave me the wake up call the I needed! I have been re-connecting with several people I haven’t been in touch with for a while. I have only had positive responses from my friends too. They are very happy to hear from me again!

I challenge those of you reading this to re-connect with somebody you have lost touch with too.

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