A common theme that has been coming up with my ADD Coaching clients lately is that they are stuck in their own heads. They have many thoughts and ideas which they want to proceed with but struggle with taking the next step. When asked what they think the next step is they pretty much say just to jump in and do it.

One of the main reasons they are struggling is because they are skipping at least one very important step. This important step is getting the thoughts and ideas out of their head so they can proceed. Because of the way the ADD mind works it can be very hard to prioritize steps in your head and retrieving them later can be even more challenging.

There are different ways to begin to get your thoughts and ideas out of your head. A common one that works very well for people with ADD is writing things out. Another great ways is to talk to somebody like an ADD Coach about your thoughts and ideas. Using a voice recorder is also a great strategy and like writing things out you will be able to refer back the recording at a later time.

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