The other day I came across the blog post Finally: A Porn Site for ADHD Sufferers. It’s about a new porn site that has 2 porn videos going at the same time. I know the post title was meant to be humorous but I really don’t think adults with ADD are having any trouble focusing on regular porn sites. In fact they tend to hyperfocus on them.

I admit I was a bit curious and took a look at the site. After waiting about 30 seconds neither of the videos loaded. I have feeling that adults with ADD who might really be interested in looking at this type of site will probably wait about 15 seconds and leave. So I don’t think this site is too ADD Friendly.

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    • Jennifer Koretsky

      You’ve got my laughing out loud, Tara! You win the award for best blog post this month. My first thought is that porn is already ADD-friendly, what with the minimal plot lines, frequent scene changes, and lack of overall structure. No? 😉

    • DHW

      Jennifer’s comment cracked me up too. When my college roomate became old enough to get into such movies, we all went to see Deep Throat. He wanted to be sure we were not late. My reply was that there was nothing in the PLOT that we would miss by arriving late – even tough I had never seen such a film, it was quite obvious that the plot line was NOT an issue. (that was an accident)

      P.S. In a serious vein, in a teleclass, Dr. Ratay commented that computers and computer games were probably the worst thing that happened to AD/HD kids (and adults?).

    • heraclitus

      Truly a wonderful post. You put a frame around both sides of ADD for me: the postive, open curiosity as well as the vulnerability to get hypnotised by stuff that just ain’t that useful.

    • Erin

      you made me feel icky.

    • EW

      ROFLMAO! Great comment of that post! I would leave after 3-4 secs, 15 is an eternity 🙂

      DHW: I agree, computer games are a grave danger for kids with ADD. They can suck them up completely, because they are interactive, while porn is not. Sex is 🙂

    • k

      My first thought is that porn is already ADD-friendly, what with the minimal plot lines, frequent scene changes, and lack of overall structure

    • J

      INteresting article, I suffer form ADD, and dont need two videos at the same time..haha

    • Michael

      Personally I don’t think porn is something to joke about or treat trivially. If you go to a porn site you’re supporting it. Do you have any idea what the incidence of suicide is among women in the porn industry? Do you have any idea of the despondency of most of the women who manage not to commit suicide?

      Avoid it like the plague it is.

    • Tara

      No, I dont please share the statistics with me.
      TITLE: Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and Porn
      BLOG NAME: My ADD / ADHD Blog
      DATE: 06/15/2007 11:50:06 PM
      About a month ago posted the blog entry ADD Friendly Porn. Since then I have been getting a lot traffic from searches related to ADHD and Porn. So, I can only assume that people must

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