In the crazy world that we live in it’s extremely important for us to have time to relax and have fun. It’s quite common that people with Attention Deficit Disorder don’t plan time to relax or have fun. Many of us are also stuck in the mind set that we have to finish our work before we play!

The truth is that relaxing and having fun actually helps us recharge and get things done that we need or want to. If you are having trouble starting or finishing a project that you are working on, stop and take a break. Do something that you enjoy then come back to it. If you are afraid that you won’t come back to it use a reminder system or ask somebody to help you get back to it.

When you come back to it you will feel re-charged and have new perspective!

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    • Kali Karagias

      Isn’t that the truth! Thats why I just booked myself a trip to San Fran! I find that we don’t allow ourselves to relax unless we go on vacation. I don’t think I have ever just chilled with the Sunday Times.

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