I can’t believe it’s already June! Wow, May was a very busy month for me. I moved and that alone was a huge deal for me. I also not only went to the first ACO Conference but, also presented at it. I went to a workshop about Women and ADHD presented by Sari Solden and Ellen Littman. I was quite surprised and honored when Sari Solden had me come up and speak briefly about ADD Coaching.

So it’s now June and though this month won’t be nearly as eventful as last month I still have plenty going on. The ADD Coaching Club is currently accepting new members. The program Three Weeks to Get Organized & Lighten Your Load! led by Carrie Green begins next week. I am also planning to finish unpacking from my move continue setting up my new place.

Since I also have ADD…I have plenty ideas in my head and some projects that are currently in the works too.

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