Blinds1 Last week I blogged about the fact that I was Procrastinating about putting blinds up in my office. Well this evening I went out and purchased blinds and got one of them up. It’s on the window right in front of my desk so it’s the most important. As luck would have it, the other two blinds that I bought are a different color than the one I installed. I guess the one I put up was actually labeled wrong!!

So anybody want place bets on when I will get the other 2 blinds up in my office?

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    • Chris

      Congratulations, Tara.
      I am glad you finally got the one blind up. It is the most important one, the others can wait. That little boy sounds cute, waving to you form the distance. Do you think you will get them up before next yr?

      TITLE: Window Treatments Needed
      BLOG NAME: My ADD / ADHD Blog
      DATE: 11/23/2007 05:12:29 PM
      As some of you know from reading my blog I have a tendency to procrastinate. For example I still only have one blind up in my office. It really wasn’t a problem until now either.

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