Men with ADD : Paul’s Story

Im a 43 year old male. I was diagnosed with ADD about six months ago. Ive always been challenged to stay focused and organized, but never considered ADD because I wasnt hyper or disruptive as a child. It seems a common misconception with ADD, is that it necessarily includes excessive, and usually, distracting levels of energy. Rather than being fed with the energy some describe with ADD, Im frequently exhausted and overwhelmed by details and unfinished projects.

My office is typically piled with unfiled papers and half finished projects. After a few months the clutter drives me crazy, so I completely ignore everything else to get organized, promising myself that I wont let this happen again. It would be so much simpler to spend a few minutes each day keeping organized. Inevitably, within a week, the piles return.

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  • Jeff

    Reply Reply July 6, 2007

    Paul, you need to hang in there. It gets more manageable over time. You’ll have some bad days but the good will, over time, outweigh the bad.

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