I’m going to refrain from giving my opinion on the whole Paris Hilton jail thing. However, I am going to tell you that the Paris Hilton getting out of jail and having to return to jail thing makes for some ADD Friendly TV. I thought Larry King was really interesting last night but I was really impressed by Fox News earlier this afternoon. Fox News really knows how to capture the ADD audience!

I made the decision a while ago not to have a television in my office. I used to have one in my old office and I almost never left it. This afternoon I took a break from working and turned on the TV in my living room. As I was flipping through the Channels I ended up on Fox News. The 15 or so minutes that I watched it was great. Who else but Paris Hilton could get Al Sharpton and Anne Coulter to come to an agreement on anything? Oh and have you seen that Sheriff from Arizona? He’s quite entertaining too!

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    • Ariane Benefit

      Hi Tara! I’ve been reading your blog when I can for a while now – some really great stuff here. I put you on my Blog Link list of ADD sites. Thanks for adding me to your site! re: TV in the office, I took mine out too. I can’t get anything done with the TV or even with music on anymore.

      BTW – I grew up in Mass. – in Brockton – before it got really bad. I left in 1976 when I was 17. I still feel like it’s home though. : )

      Take care!

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