I guess I’ll start at the beginning of my memories. I have memories of many fragments of my life growing up. I also have memories of what my Mom told me. I was a kid that got into mischief throughout all of growing up. My mother told me that when I was was in half day kindergarten; I wouldn’t even make it to school even though it was only a block away. I would see a squirrel, follow it till I saw the butterfly, then when the butterfly got away, I’d stop to pick up an interesting stone which I would eventually throw. I’d try climbing the tree with a low limb and sit and watch the birds. My mother would get a call to find out why I wasn’t in school and she’d find out that I was still in the tree.

I was very sensitive and was an easy target for the local bullies when I was young. I was picked on and cried easily. I learned very early on that boys that cried were sissies, so I learned to swallow my feelings, and stopped crying over most things. This did take me a lot of time to master, but I mastered it as well as many other things. I had this amazing ability to get involved with learning something and block out any external stimulus. This was a saving grace throughout my schooling. I did however, not have the ability to turn this on or off on command.

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    4 replies to "Men with ADD : Tom’s Story"

    • Tom

      It seems so strange to see my story posted and read it again. Thanks for picking my story Tara.

    • Dave


      Do the Medications (which one(s)?) continue to help? I have been reluctant to take them because of possible side effects. Thank you, and good luck!

    • topless beach

      i am going to tell my friends about this site – it’s just perfect!

    • Daisy

      Thank you for posting this blog. I thought my boyfriend i live with was born with autism and I now know I am wrong , and he was born with ADhd. Especially the following squirrel/bunny comment..sounds very familiar symptom.

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