I received an email this morning through ADDClasses.com from a woman saying that she was very interested in the Adult ADD Bootcamp but was afraid it was a scam. She also wanted to know how she could know if it was scam or not. After I got through the initial annoyance I thought to myself wow this is a great question.

I am really glad this woman took the time to contact me before she gave me her information and money. I usually get the opposite happening. I’ve had people asking me after they have given me their credit card info if the payment was secure. It is but that’s really something that somebody needs to find out before entering their credit card information.

My advice to this woman is and anybody else for that matter is to do your own research. Go to online AD/HD communities and ask people if they have heard about Adult ADD Bootcamp, Linda Hillger, Tara McGillicuddy, and ADDClasses.com.

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    • ADD

      She did right…because of some phishing sites and hackers…every getting scare to give any information online.

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