Im a 37 year old man with the attitude of 20 something. Ive never felt understood and often find myself misunderstood. I was diagnosed unofficially about 5 years ago and officially diagnosed about 1 year ago. Although I feel that knowing is good, Im still struggling in my relationships and job.

School was always tough, but I managed to graduate from high school and go on to college. I majored in psychology/art and graduated in 92. After I went on to be a social worker and was fortunate enough to have a great boss who pushed me to do my very best. After about 4 years, she retired and I was suddenly under someone who was not as understanding. As the pressure got worse, I resisted, but remained at my job. Soon I was offered a supervisory position, but I imploded and started resisting the pressure to do more. I left a good career for reasons that are still unclear to me. I wasted another great opportunity just because I couldnt deal with the situation.

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    • Blanca Schnobrich

      Totally agree I have a son who has ADD and I couldnt agree more. Thanks for your insight!

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