After getting the ADHD Awareness Contest Video up on Youtube I noticed that the sound and video weren’t going together. They were going together when the video was on my computer. I’ve since uploaded it to MySpace and the sound and video seems to be in sink. I’m not sure what’s up with YouTube?

ADHD Awareness Contest Video

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    • Brandy Worden

      I think the school system needs to be more aware. My son’s school has been trying to force me to put my son on ADD meds since pre-k by threatening ti give him and giving him suspensions and sending him to the office almost everyday. He just started 1st grade, and thanks to my asking and his new school principal, he is in Honors classes. What the school system needs, since they like to refer to ADD/ADHD as a learning disorder, is to treat it like a learning disorder, instead of a behavioral problem. How about we design classes for ADD/ADHD children. We have Bi-lingual classes, and Special Education classes, but nothing in the public school system for children with ADD/ADHD. Considering how many children have this, shouldn’t we have designed a program for them by now?

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