I have come to the decision that I am going to by myself a new computer. The one I have right now is 3 years old and it’s a desktop. I really want to have a laptop and begin to make my office more portable and hopefully get out if it more often. I can’t believe how many choices there are and how many decisions I need to make when it comes to buying a new computer!

In the past my budget for a computer was a lot less than it is now. Therefore I had fewer choices and fewer decisions to make. I have decided that because I spend so much time using my computer for business that I really want to invest a very good system this time. So now I have to begin this fun decision making process!!!!

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    • Douglas Cootey

      I have an article for you to read. I use both Windows and OSX platforms regularly and far prefer the Mac. I’ve used a PC since the early 90’s and switched to a Mac as my main computer in 2000AD. This is a good article that ways the pros and cons of Mac vs. PC. I find it very fair without dipping into platform war rhetoric. It is written by an IT guy who used to be exclusively PC but now finds himself more productive with a Mac.

      Mac vs. PC cost analysis – http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=printArticleBasic&articleId=9029458

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    • Douglas Cootey

      Argh. Blinkin’ homonyms. That should be “weighs”. :/

    • DHW

      Before I was diagnosed with AD/HD, I would drive my wife crazy with some of my impulsive purchases. I also drove her crazy trying to decide whether to buy a Toyota Previa of Dodge Caravan for our first van. I drove the different vans for weeks after work and even tried a Ford and Mazda. After about three months of evaluating, I purchased the Toyota. That was 17 years ago. It has 375,000 and is running just fine. Point is the decision I really took my time and evaluated thoroughly has been the best car purchase I ever made. It may pay to be obsessive!

    • Bob Getsla

      I suggest you look carefully at what your needs are. There are many laptop size computers and even a few sub-laptop size computers available which do not run Windows (or OS X), but work very well, and are file compatible with Windows.

      Palm has a new hand held called the Foleo that runs 5 hours on a charge, but wastes no time booting up or shutting down. It can read and write Microsoft Office documents, etc., but it also links with Bluetooth to your cell phone so you can send and receive text messages with a real keyboard and a larger screen. You can also use the Foleo in Wi-Fi “hot spots” to check your email or surf the web.

      Dell has begun shipping laptops and desktops running Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows. Ubuntu looks and feels a lot like Windows XP, but costs a lot less, and does not treat you like a criminal by constantly checking to see if you are trying to run stolen software or play stolen media.

      I’ve had it with being treated like a criminal by my computer. The event that pushed me away from Windows came when I tried to run a “Demo” copy of an old flow charting program called FreeFLOW! When I tried to run FreeFLOW!, Windows told me, “You don’t own this program and do not have permission to run it.” But this was a “Demo” copy, and I should have been able to at least look at it.

      Since then, I migrated to Ubuntu Linux, and haven’t looked back. Now that I have been using Linux for a while, I have found there is much less in the way of nasty stuff trying to attack my computer. While Linux viruses do exist, there are very few of them, and the paranoia level needed to keep a Linux computer running safely is also lower. In general, I have found Linux to be very stabile and reliable. It just works, without complaints or crashes.

    • Michael Sterling

      I just got a MacBook Pro and love it love it love it. It’s taken me a while to get used to it, I’ve been a PC user for years and years (since about Noah), and much prefer the mac. Get one!!

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