I’m a 39 yr old single mom to two kids, a 13 yr old ADHD and ODD son, and a 9 yr old ADD daughter. I’m just now getting the diagnosis of ADHD in my medical chart, and am being referred to a Psychiatrist for medication. Like many others I’ve always been somewhat "hyperactive", yet I fall asleep if I don’t stay busy, I hyperfocus on the things that interest me, but can’t stay on task with things that don’t, I have trouble staying at jobs because I’m impulsive, unorganized, and restless. If I get bored, I quit.

I’ve changed my major in college five times now and now am one class away from getting into the Nursing Program, which is something I desperately want to do, but also fear failing! I am very smart, as are both my kids, but am challenged by multi tasking, organization, staying on task and focused, and following through on tasks.

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