Perfect_mug Sari Solden wrote a great post the ADHD and Marriage blog about imperfection. When you get the chance go over there and read Embracing Imperfection, or "My Adventures with SLOPPY Joes" Sari’s post got me thinking about when my husband and I were first dating. I used to tell him all the time I that I was perfect and it was just that everybody else could not deal with my perfection. Believe me I knew that I was not perfect but it was fun telling him I was…lol. He also thought it was funny and bought me a mug which says "Perfection is Possible!. I’m Living proof!".

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    • John M

      I still think it is funny!!

    • Suzann

      It’s true that a lot of adults have ADD and ADHD and we did used to call it “perfectionism” or simply not being able to focus. Now we know what it is, thank goodness. I heard – 2nd hand, not sure if it’s true – that a lot the ADD in both kids and adults may be caused by a chemical breakdown that occurs in the packaging of microwave-ready frozen food. Have you heard anything about that?

    • Julia

      I wonder if it is due to premature births, low birth weights, or over stimulation that affect our health and cause an over synaptic impulse that causes our brains to back fire so to speak that we can only deal with so much and what we do want to get done, done in a manner that pleases us… Perfectionism in how we do things and when we do them. Anything other over stimulates our brains causing us to freak out per say… Does this sound familiar anyone or is it just me? I was full term but weighed in at 4 lbs 8 oz… Was born c-section because I was breach and the doctors were scared they were loosing me due to my heart rate. I was in the hospital longer than most babies and then years of getting sick easy. I am people oriented and enjoy the arts…

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