I was just checking my blog stats again and came across another interesting search term. Okay, this term isn’t as interesting as ADHD Penis or Adult ADD and Porn but it caught my eye. Somebody found my blog post I Hate Reading Directions by searching for the term hate adhd women. So, of course I’m wondering why somebody is searching for hate adhd women. Does this person hate women with ADHD? Or, maybe this person thinks that women with ADHD hate him/her…lol.

I’m sure I’ll never know but it just gave me something to blog about!

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    • Ellen

      Umm…yeah. I was searching for “adult + ADD”. Don’t do that. You get “ADD Adult sounds to your website!!!”.

      In the same vein…if you’re looking for a coloring picture of a little dutch boy (after fruitless searches a light bulb went on and I searched for “dutch boy with his finger in the dyke.” I didn’t know there were that kind of coloring books… eww.


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