I admit it I hate reading directions. It’s usually a lot more fun and stimulating to figure out how something works on my own. Last week I decided to purchase a camcorder. After recording my first YouTube video I realized that a camcorder would work a lot better for me than a webcam. So I ordered a camcorder through Amazon over the weekend.

I was excited to get the camcorder and took it out of the box expecting to be able to record videos right away. To my surprise I couldn’t! It didn’t come with a tape or a memory stick. I’m sure this was something I would have known if I took the time to read the description!!

Last night I ventured out to the local Walmart at 9:30 pm to purchase a memory stick. I was thinking that at 9:30 pm on a Thursday night Walmart was going to be pretty quiet! Guess who forgot that this was back to school week!!! Walmart wasn’t too bad though. I purchased the memory stick and a few other items and came home to start playing with my camcorder and recording stuff.

After about an hour of trying to record and not being successful I finally broke down and opened the owners manual. Guess what!! I actually needed a video tape to record!! In bold print it stated that movies could not be recorded directly to the memory stick!!! I was tempted to go right back out and purchase a video tape but haven’t just yet.

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