This past Tuesday evening Patricia Quinn, M.D. led an excellent teleclass about ADHD and Eating Disorders through Towards the end of the call Dr Quinn took questions from participants of the teleclass. One of the teleclass participants was frustrated because the doctor she had taken her daughter to didn’t know how to treat ADHD and Eating Disorders.

The sad truth is that many medical and mental health professionals really don’t understand Attention Deficit Disorder and those conditions associated with it. The good news is that many ADD Professionals like Dr. Quinn and myself are out there working hard to promote awareness and understanding about Attention Deficit Disorder. Many of the ADD professionals and experts got into this field because we once too felt the frustration this woman felt.

Those of us who are already in the field of helping to educate and support those affected by Attention Deficit Disorder will continue our work. We also need the help of others! You too can get the word out by letting others know about resources that have been helpful to you. People who are affected by Attention Deficit Disorder have some great ideas on how to do this too.

As many of you know I have been running an ADHD Awareness Contest for the past month. There have been some really great submissions on how to create ADHD Awareness. The contest ends this Sunday so if you too have a great idea then enter it into the ADHD Awareness Contest.

Tara McGillicuddy

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