Like many Adults with ADD I have that great gift of being able to tune out boring or unpleasant things. I used it while growing up in classrooms and then later when my parents lectured my about the fact that I really needed to try harder in school. While watching TV I almost always tune out commercials. I can very easily tune out my husband when he intentionally tries annoying me by doing stupid things like Talking Like a Pirate (Thanks Jen and Erin).

Every once in a while I can’t tune something out and it just makes me crazy! I’m not quite sure what goes on next door at my neighbor’s house but on Thursday afternoons there a group of girls around the age of 14 or so singing Christmas songs in their driveway. Last time I counted there were 6 girls plus an adult who seems to be leading this thing. I’m am assuming they must be practicing for some type of concert or play.

Of course the only room that it can be really heard in is my office. It was so bad today that I got distracted during my ADD Coaching Club call. Luckily for me the members of the ADD Coaching Club call thought it was funny and I was able focus pretty quickly back in the call. It’s going to drive me crazy though that I can’t use my ADD Gift and just tune this out!

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    • John M

      Today is international sing christmas carols like a pirate day.

    • Erin

      Tara you would have died – when I was single I lived in an apartment facing a major city street, and for the 2 months leading up to xmas there was a salvation army band playing xmas carols under my window for 8-10 hours a day. trouble is, they only knew “good king wenceslas”. they would play that one over and over and then try a few bars of something else, like rudolph the red nosed reindeer, before realizing they couldn’t do it. back to good king wenceslas. It was a nightmare.

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