We all have systems in place for getting things done. Some of our systems work better for us than others. Sometimes a system that once worked well doesn’t really work anymore. This is why it important from time to time to re-evaluate our systems. We need to find out what parts of the system are working and what parts of the system aren’t working for us.

For the past several years I have been adding personal ADD Stories to my Living with ADD website. I had a basic system in place that helped me get the ADD Stories people submitted posted on the site. For several years this system worked pretty well for me. Today I noticed that it had been quite a while since I had posted an ADD Story.

My initial reaction was to get down on myself for not getting the ADD Stories up. Then I stopped to look at the system I had in place and see why it wasn’t working. One of the main reasons it was working for when I first started using it was because it was the main thing I was doing in relationship to ADD and my websites. It was my main priority back then. Since I first set up my system I have added a lot more ADD related website responsibilties.

Since my commitments have changed it’s time my system changes too. Right now I am in the process looking my current system to see what parts of it do still support me and what parts of it I need to change to support me better. 

Has re-evaluating your systems supported you?

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    • Gina Acosta

      I have found that I keep trying to “upgrade” my systems of organization for something that is newer, seems like it would work better, or has features my other system doesn’t have. What I’ve found is that I try out the new system, and sone of the features I wanted from it work great, but the rest of it isn’t doing the job for me, so I end up going back to the original system! Meanwhile, I don’t want to throw out the other systems, because after all I paid for them, and they had some great features too! So, I end up using multiple systems, which just makes the whole thing more confusing, and overwhelming! So, I’d say be sure when you re-evaluate your system you are ready to give up your old system and not carry parts of different systems over which leads to confusion!!

      Gina Acosta
      ADHD single mom to Garrett, age 14, ADHD and ODD, and Jordyn, age 10, ADD.
      Sherwood, Oregon

    • marc yablon

      i never remember anything about my add because i was with it no brain injury it just happen maybe slight injury at birth but that is it anyway my mother told that symptons just as being late for a appiontment was gone because i was figured out to leave early from where i am to get to the place i am going but i do forget to do certion things just as pick- up things after they fall , words and . their spelling.

    • Brian Thompson

      Tara, Did you say “SYSTEMS???!!!” YUK! I hate systems some times. No chance of success without them; but little success trying to have and keep good systems. I have made some improvements, BUT… I definitely am in need of SUCCESSFUL AND ADHD FRIENDLY SYSTEMS FOR…
      1. Paying bills and organizing the mail.
      2. All paperwork- Even creating a place for it is tough!
      3. Daily reminders, memmory and time mgmnt.
      4. Most of all- Housework, before my wife shoots me again!!! The last shot from her hurt real bad!

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