I can’t believe it’s already September! I’ve always liked the month of September because it seems to bring a sense of newness and refreshment. Like many other Adults with ADD September is a time when I try to get back on track and begin new things. Something that I have learned that helps many of my ADD Coaching clients and myself is to write out the Steps involved before beginning something new.

Quite often many people with Attention Deficit Disorder try to go directly from point A to point B and we don’t realize how many steps are actually involved in even the simplest task. This can lead to us getting stuck and not being able to move forward with projects and tasks. Sometimes something as simple as writing out a few steps can help help us move forward.

Has writing down steps helped you with projects and tasks?

Tara McGillicuddy

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    • Colin

      As someone with ADD, it is supremely difficult not to want to ‘get it all done at once’. I didn’t figure it out until 2007 (25 years with ADD). It took reading many, many books this year on ADD (repetition is what works for us) to learn that we have a major issue with completion: we want to do everything at once. When we can’t, we either don’t do it at all or just simply quit.

      It is imperative for me to go step by step when completing most anything, but especially with major tasks/projects. It took some time to figure out a system that works for me, but I have one now that works seamlessly.

      My advice is to tinker with a system that will work for you. Is it tedious? You betcha! But the results make every bit of the struggle worth it. Because once you have that system in place, the one that works for you, there is nothing that you will not be able to accomplish.

    • Siklander Mari-Tuulia

      -Altar for ordinaryness-

      One might think that jogging is simple trainingmethod of physical body.

      From point A to destination B.

      Like life.

      One might think that everything goes so, that I only mechanickly lift foot to front of other.

      That by every forward taking step,the past would like somehow disperse away.

      And I thought that I could somehow cheat everything, if I instead run into that direction,

      I would not be seen and nothing in me would be anybody´s matter.

      That if I am not thinking, it could not echo under my step,

      if I stop breathing no effects will be born into any direction.

      Last summer,which was quite rainy,I woke up to the scream of my paralyzed soul.

      I tried to continue running with my eyes closed,pretending that I am not present or existing.

      But my wet soked jogging shoes prevented it.

      I stopped, didn´t know which direction I could go.

      Each,every step would be decision and it´s every consicuence runs after me.

      Every step would effect on how lightly I was allowed to breath.

      From that moment ,my life, especially jogging,became extraordinarily hell.

      Those snails were lieng there in the damp asfalt all around.

      And I could feel that they are breathing as intensively as I do.

      They had escaped death and hoped for something better as usual,like everyone of us and they seeked for asylum in the damp asfalt.

      They didn´t understand that they were going straight to the motorway,to be squeeshed by car´s

      They were as stupid,uncertain and blind as me.

      Even if I turn to any direction,death will be reception committee.

      And I didn´t want those snails to be killed.

      What I could do ,if I am doing nothing, I , cars or others will squeesh them .I was drained from my energy ,I just stood and stared,eyesight possessed ,drawn completely to the snails hypnotickly for

      I don´t know how long.

      Then I took two sticks from the pocket of my windjammer with what I lifted those snails back to their homes and my half an hour jogging started to extend to enourmous lengths.

      Then I realized more handy and quicker way, I use strawy carpet brush with what I can sweep

      them nicely aside.

      Nevertheless these days , I am late from everywhere and in the city, I don´t crash into

      acquaintences because I look at ground all the time.

      But if this stopping haddened happened, I would propably run faster,

      I would see more and lot.

      But also my heart would beat faster and I would die sooner . Could not see close-shots.

      And my soul could not quiver,and feel

      when millions of beads of sands laughing,tickling under my feet,

      carrieng me away from the ordinary hellish visions of unlived life. This was devils wip waking from the deep thick clouded dream ,

      when shadows chase with jealous intentions to knock me down.

      The space-heads speeches diseappearing to the echoskies of lost love.

      Hoping mind to win over the lonesome thought triumph so stoaic,

      where discussions with the walls was intensive

      as my light dance today for the shimmering ,whispering winds of Godly wisdom.

      And yes, I also admit to be mostly a mistake, a microb in this universe,snail-atom and I could scream this out loud in the middle of the city so loud ,as almost lungs would explode, but there would be no respond from these braindead around.

      But on the other hand if I wasn´t ,life would become quite boring and God would be unemployed, so I remain this same.

      Among others,but others unaware,blind for this , I search with blurry vision something undiscreabable,nameless,all the time naggering inside the soul .

      And I search for someone the same with as broken wings as I have ,to repair them together with,to fly on to wherever the soft winds could wake us again and again from the trembling non-answering gones.

      I´ve ran these runs on and on alone with hope for mighty hight of reachless sky to beside me ,

      to tender my crying to the night, like a howling wolves missing their soft mother in the lost forests.

      Totally unaware, like it usually is for all of those commoners with as first vision anything greater than bread and butter , no thought that there might be someone just around the corner,

      just buying only a bussfair perhaps but still having possibility to fly in thought faster than speed of light,just like you.

      Only looking at ground all the time,underestimatingly biting nails as nothing could and would ever change. As everything was permanent as thick hard diamond in the Africa´s Ivorybone-coast.

      And there he actually was like he was only one last of the sleezes in nights last buss-stop but actually with hold on to the whole, saying ,

      ” Would you rather be dead lion or living dog?”


      ” Yes, which one, as you are running around here like a mad cow

      with no map in the heart what so ever, living in your head of thousand thoughts of hell,evening after evening. Don´t you think that in one more of these beautifull days,you´d like to learn also to sing of the things that truly truthens ,like now the things that compassionates. As you have already drank all the hells to you,you should know to become river itself ,stop searching with fear,denieng life,dwelling in your complicated,doubting thoughts, but question ,pause lightly in quiet trust and then only float on with silent quivering feel of life.”

      ”So what is the essential point in all your fancy glittering words your are planting?”

      ” Silence,letting go.With the beat of your run you only beat yourself away from the beat of your heart.”

      Actually ,nothing especially unconcrete,quick heaven opening,earthquaking,thunderbreaking happened that day , when he decided to stop my hell causing eternal eternity question .

      He grasped my hand ,sayed always to shut up when I was about to speak and took me to the pool.

      Yes,swimming pool outside in the middle of the city surrounded by high walls.

      Open sky with brightly loving sun above. And we swam for an hour . After drying up ourselves on the watery,pearly grass he asked

      ” How do you feel?”

      ” Just tired,drained,like always after my exercise.”

      Even if I never liked the way he would bossy me and tell me the things I already knew ,like I didn´t,

      I still kept on swimming instead of running and listening his preaches of importance of ordinariness,work and water.And my respect on these values grew from the old and the small action as washing dishes and like, became kick giving and that is a real miracle,I should say.

      And infact I even changed my mind on keeping the competition only as stupid ,superficial waste of time. I started to tune my mind and body into the competition held in autumn,only to sharpen and integrate my everyday life.

      I was so serious with everything about water,I kept on staring beside the pool at the professional

      swimmers,how they floated in the water like only a air-stripe upon it. I could not understand the beauty what I saw. Something so simple,minimum,far from all the complicated forms anywhere around in these walkabout buildings to where you loose yourself daily without even seeing, hearing or smelling. With my friend we digged deeper and deeper to the refined philosophy,divinity of swim.

      And summer swims shined my soul to the hopefull trim of win.

      I was already in the dressing room of the swimming hall at the day of the day ,so immensily consentrated to block out the outer world,the thoughts outside from everything else than my forth and back from other end to the other. As boring action that one might think there can be to be done.

      In hypnotic state like tranqualized , I walk towards my destined path.

      I hear from the distant the laughter but it does´t draw me away. And of course like always in these kind of stories the walk , the hall feels like never-ending.

      And then on the stand 1.2.3. go and I do . All seems to go well , no tension in body ,no tackiness,no doubt,just gowing with the flow. Me and water only,straight arrow,from tip of the toe to the top of the fingers.

      Extasy of adrenalin,endorfine, the exquisite feel of the water on the skin didn´t anyhow bring a position in the game ,with what I actually tested myself and not competed to anyone else.

      I was proud as can be of the courage I could find in myself ,to do what I just did.

      And I lifted myself up from the pool,smiling ever so happily. And I got even more happy as I heard the audience laughing out loud and giving applauce. I started to shake hands with other participants and then from their odd grins I realized that there was something wrong, actually very wrong in me.

      I had forgotten something,


      very important ,that might never could be forgotten.

      But as in trance as can be ,

      too in hurry to win myself, know the water , I had forgot my swimming suit off and there I stood , naked,in front of all, not so proud anymore ,as you might already guess.

      copyright:Mari-Tuulia Siklander

    • Chelsea S.

      As far as writing out steps to big projects, at times it has helped me a lot and at other times, it has backfired.

      It has backfired when I have so many steps to the goal, that I’ve gotten lost in them and never got to the goal!

      And I can relate to what another member wrote that it takes repetition before certain things click. I can appreciate that.

      Thanks for letting me share.

      Chelsea from Florida

    • Barbie

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