As both and adult with ADD and an ADD Coach I been listening to people who are affected by ADD. One of the most common messages I have been hearing about ADD Coaching is that most people have the idea that they can’t afford ADD Coaching. In a lot of cases people affected by Attention Deficit Disorder actually can’t afford the cost for individual ADD Coaching. But, there are other affordable options out there!

I and many of my ADD Coaching Colleagues are listening! I am really happy to be able to say that does have ADD Coaching options that everybody can afford!!!

Free Teleclasses– We have 4 Teleclasses scheduled this month. Participants can call into these teleclasses using or telephone or Skype.

ADD Audio Library – If you have missed past teleclasses you can download and listen to them by subscribing to the ADD Audio Library . The cost of the ADD Audio Library is $9.95 per month and includes access to over 50 classes and new ones are added each month.

ADD Book Club – This program will help you follow through with reading, while deepening your understanding of AD/HD. Each week before the call, you will read a portion of the book. Just like in-person book clubs, our "book club" calls are interactive. We are currently accepting the first 10 members to the ADD Book Club at the special rate of only $27 per month.

ADD Coaching Club – The ADD Coaching Club will help to support you in learning better ways to manage Attention Deficit Disorder. You will also receive support from other members who are facing similar situations as you are. The ADD Coaching Club is currently accepting 7 new members at the rate of $87 per month.

It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys –  Learn ADD friendly ways to get and stay organized by digging down to help you understand why you are disorganized and what it is going to take for you to really change. This class offers 4-interactive teleclasses, a full set of notes before each session, worksheets, recordings of each session so that you can listen to the classes again and email support between sessions. The cost of this 4-week program is $127 if you register by ADHD Awareness Day.

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