Name: tweeter47

Prize: 3 Month Subscription to the ADD Book Club

Submission: We all have an understanding how the public lacks the knowledge and understanding of ADHD which is a chronic neurobiological disorder. I think a good way to spread the news is to air a movie or TV show about this disorder. Instead of a show called "Wife Swap" and or "Survivor" it would be a series whereby professionals and doctors switching lives with an ADHD family. This will clearly shead light on what really takes place in a home with an ADHD child/children. I would love the name of the show to have something referenceing "THIS SURELY IS NOT THE CLEAVER FAMILY". I would love to swap my life for a couple of weeks with anyone who does not believe that this disorder exsist. You see I have ADHD along with my husband and 3 adorable children. The movie could reflect both the humerous and the challenging sides of ADHD. Thanks for reading.

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