As an ADD Coach I’m often asked what the most important strategies and skills a person with ADD can learn and use are. I used think that it depended on the specific person and what he or she wanted to accomplish. Over the past decade of learning about ADD and helping people with ADD, I’ve come to learn that one the most important skills people with ADD can learn is Forgiveness.

Forgiving others is important but I think it’s even more important to learn how to forgive ourselves. Many Adults with ADD have done things in the past which have negatively affected themselves and others. For some of us we did these things before we knew even had ADD. Even those people who are successfully treating or managing ADD still have what some of us call ADD Moments.

Forgiveness is a skill that for many is quite challenging to develop and use. Sometimes people can develop this skill on their own and other times it may require working with somebody like a therapist or counselor. I also highly recommend the book Dare to Forgive by ADD expert Edward Hallowell, M.D.

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