I am 45 and have been diagnosed with ADD for about 15 years. As a child, I was an average student, but daydreamed all the time and had a hard time finishing things and turning them in. My desk was always a mess with half-done papers, etc. I would even fake being sick so that I could go to the "sick room" and daydream! I went to college and managed to do okay, but always finished things the night before or turned them in late.

Socially, I was well-liked, but I was afraid to get too close to people, because I was pretty insecure. As for guys–I knew how disorganised and scattered I was, so I felt inadequate to ever get married. I seemed to end up with guys with problems, as this made me feel less insecure about my own! I made some bad choices following that pattern! If I was with a really great guy, I felt too "flawed" and broke up. But I still was looking for Mr. Right. I taught school for 5 years, but eventually quit because though I was good at some aspects of teaching, keeping up with grading papers and such was a disaster. I felt like I was about to be found out and fired!

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