A member recently posted this question over at the ADHD Awareness Wiki:

I really could use an ADD coach, but my present financial situtation won’t allow it. Does anybody have suggstions?

This person didn’t say how much he or she can afford but I’m going to assume he or she is talking about individual ADD Coaching. Individual ADD Coaching usually does cost over $250 per month which a lot of people with ADD really can’t afford. As I bloggged about before there are additional ADD Coaching Options which are affordable to most people.

The ADD Book Club is one of those ADD Coaching Options which is not only affordable at $27 per month but offers quite a lot to its members. Each week members and one of the ADD Coaches discuss a very helpful ADD related book. During the ADD Book Club calls members on the live call also receive coaching too. It doesn’t end there either! In between the live calls members have the option of receiving help and support from the ADD Coaches and the other members through a message board forum.

If the ADD Book Club really isn’t something that you can afford at $27 per month then it’s probably time to make a small change to your present financial situation. There are pretty much 2 options here. You will need to stop spending about $7 per week on something else to be able to put $27 per month towards ADD Book Club. Or the other option is to add or earn an extra $7 per week for the ADD Book Club.

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    • Mickey Hanson

      If you believe that anyone can afford $27 per month, you obiviously have never been on public assistance.I’ll I get is $162 a month on food assistance, $264 per month on SDA benefits, and $70 per month per from a paper route. Now, do you believe I can afford and yes, I’m the one who wrote the statement above.

    • Tara McGillicuddy


      If you go back again and read my post you will see that I said “most” people. I did not say “anyone”. If you and others truly can not afford $27 per month then I suggest contacting your local Vocational Rehab Office. They would probably be a better fit for you.

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