Close to 2 months ago my friend and colleague Jennifer Koretsky sent me a copy of her new book Odd One Out. When I got the book I skipped the pages at the beginning and just started reading through the main part of the book. I found the book really easy to read and thought it was a great. Since that time I have been meaning to write nice detailed book review but I guess I must have Adult ADD or something because I still haven’t written it yet…lol

Anyways, last night I was sitting watching TV and was really tired from attending the 3 day Learning and the Brain Conference. My husband was flipping through Odd One Out laughing and saying something about ADD Land. Finally I asked him what he was talking about and he said that I was in ADD Land. At this point I think I said something not really nice reminding him how tired I was and of course I was in ADD Land at this moment.

Finally, he had to explain to me that he was talking about how Jen acknowledged me in her book and thanked me for being one of her ADD Land colleagues. He couldn’t stop laughing at me when I told him I didn’t even know I was mentioned in Odd One Out because I hadn’t read the very beginning of the book! What’s even funnier is after I finally did read the beginning pages I saw that Jen gave her readers permission to skip around the pages of the book!

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    • Craig Broussard

      When I read I like to skip to the main stuff myself. Also, checked out the book information and looks like a good one to pick up. Thanks for the heads up.

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