Bodyball Earlier this month I attended the Learning and the Brain Conference and went to some great sessions. One of the best sessions was by Dr. John Ratey and was about exercise and the brain. In addition to all the physical health benefits of exercise it’s also really good for the brain and for mental health too. So, I was inspired by Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain and bought myself a body ball which I am now using as my office chair. 

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    • Douglas Cootey

      That is so funny! I use one of those as an office chair all the time. I can absentmindedly do my Core Secrets moves while bopping to music and working. The problem is if you are TOO absentminded. If I get too active and distracted at the same time I’ll really give my back a sore workout. So be careful, and don’t forget to limber up before sitting on your chair! 😀

      ~Douglas Cootey
      The Splintered Mind

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