Ever since I first read the post Adult A.D.D. and Sex over at at Jeff’s A.D.D. mind I’ve had the song "Let’s Talk About Sex" by Salt N Pepa in my head. Also, the song "I Want Your Sex" by George Michael has gone in and out of my head a few times too. I really do have a point to this blog post too. It’s not just an attempt for me to avoid the list of things on my "to do list".

Jeff also wrote another post about lack of discussion about Adult ADHD and sex. While I agree with Jeff that there is a real lack of discussion on ADHD blogs I do know that the topic of ADHD and sex is being discussed in other places. One place in particular is ADD Forums. Somebody started an interesting post over there called "Sex in the ADD world..Your thoughts" There are also some other ones in the Relationships and Social Issues and the Non-ADD Partners Support sections too.

So, people really are talking about Sex and ADHD!

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    • Jeff

      Thank you for pointing out these places where sex and add/adhd is being discussed.

      And thank you for reading my blog.

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