I usually get a couple of emails each month from people telling me they would really like subscribe to one of the ADDClasses.com programs but they don’t have a credit card. I’m also asked if they can pre-pay and send me a check or money order. As much as I would like to be able to accept checks or money orders through the mail it’s not something I can do. I have set up a system that works for me and allows me to keep the ADDClasses.com programs affordable. If I accepted checks or money orders I would have to hire somebody to handle them and would be forced to raise my rates.

Believe me I do understand that financial issues are a huge problem for many people with ADHD. I know first hand how dangerous credit cards can be for somebody with Attention Deficit Disorder. The combination of impulsive spending and poor time management really got me into trouble with credit cards before I understood about my own ADHD. It can be a viscous cycle and I understand why somebody is unable to use a credit card.

There are some options out there though and I think a prepaid credit card is probably one of the best solutions. They can be purchased through a bank, a credit union, and stores like CVS and Walmart. They can be used online and anywhere else just like a regular credit card too. But, instead of spending and then trying to pay the money back the person purchasing is forced to do some planning and pay in advance.

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