As some of you know from reading my blog I have a tendency to procrastinate. For example I still only have one blind up in my office. It really wasn’t a problem until now either. It really didn’t bother me that 2 of my windows were naked. Actually, it still really doesn’t bother me that the windows look naked.

The problem now is that I live in New England and it’s getting cold and drafty! Not only do I really need to put up the other 2 blinds in my office. I think I also need to put curtains or drapes on the windows in my office and the rest of my apartment. Gee, and I thought curtains were only for making rooms look pretty. I totally forgot they do serve other purposes too!

Of course as luck would have it I really noticed the draft today aka Black Friday! There is absolutely no way that I am attempting to go to the stores today for curtains or blinds! So I guess it’s time for me to put on a sweater! Looks like I’ll probably be braving the stores on Monday for window treatments!

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